Our Projects

Dry coal shed in Viet Nam Span is 70m& 68m, 18m long, totally 10 sets.Total area:106,426m2.

Homogenization shed for ABC Engineering Solution Co.,Ltd. Cement Plant of CUCC Span is 106m, 200m long and 25m high. Color panel 0.5mm

The dry coal shed for Vedanta Aluminium Corporation 150m long, the span is 90m, 30m high. It is the biggest space frame in India in 2006.

Dry coal shed for Philipine Power Plant Diameter is 115m and 35m high.Color panel 0.5mm Zinc-rich epoxy primer and PU top coat.

  • Dry coal shed for Power Plant in Kazakhstan
  • (49 * 216 *21.5(m) & 38 *184x17.5 (m)

Cover of swimming pool
Xuzhou Olympic Center Length:63m,
21m high, normal painting)

Dry coal shed for Turkey Power
Plant (Lenght:126m, 32m high)

Snitered coal shed for Wenfeng Machinery Ltd. in Tangshan,China
220 * 264 *19.5 (m)

Covering shed for Chuangning
Bio-tech Co.,Ltd. in Yili (Diam.28m
2pcs, 18m 4pcs)

Covering shed in UAE (50 tons)
30m long, 22m wide.

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